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Who Convenience Stores should follow on Social Media
We've got a load of ideas on who you should follow on Social Media to help you create content and learn more about your business. And to make it easy, we've shared all the links here for you!
Find and follow your local businesses – hairdressers, bakeries, estate agents, carpet shops, factories, places of worship, sports centres, community groups, schools and colleges – whatever you have nearby. Imagine one day you’re looking at Facebook and you discover that the local factory is closing its canteen and the 300+ staff suddenly don’t have anywhere to get their sandwiches from.

Follow other convenience stores – you’ll know who does a good job with their page just by following them – and you can gather some good ideas that you can try yourself.

Join your local groups – every town has at least one– and while they can be a place where people moan about kids messing around on the park, they’re often the first place where people ask questions – “Where can I get baby milk after 10pm when Tesco is shut?”

Follow your suppliers – these companies have your best interests at heart – if you do well, they do well – many of them will produce top quality imagery and sharable content that you can share to your page. Think about all the brands you stock – from confectionery to cleaning products, most will have a social media presence. There really are too many to list – but here’s a couple to get you started:

All you need is RDP
Find Out More - this is a really good page with interesting and sharable posts. - There have been plenty of KitKat innovations – like the zebra kitkat – worth checking out If you haven’t seen the recent controversy that Weetabix started by serving Weetabix with Heinz baked beans, you should look it up – it’s absolutely brilliantly funny how many brands got involved and it's a great lesson in how to turn a theme around to suit your brand!

Follow companies who can give you useful information We can give you insight into trends in your marketplace to help you react swiftly. Our Retail Insights articles will help you see trends in convenience retail. The ACS campaign for and support Convenience Stores. Find out what’s new in the wider retail environment

Follow your branding partner – this is really important – these companies make shiny imagery and videos all the time for you to share – choose the promotions that best match your stock and share regularly:

  The above resources will either inform your page (and your business), help you post on your page or help you grow your network. Have we missed anyone off the list? Let us know! We’d also love to know how you’re getting on with your Social Media – let us know if you find this article useful
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