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Protein Bars

Sales Are On The Rise

Convenient Breakfast?

A Health-Conscious Trend or meal on the go? Either way are you stocking these high growth, high selling products?

Fast-paced modern life can leaves little time for elaborate meal preparation. Protein bars ares a convenient solution, providing a quick and easy source of nutrition to be enjoyed on the go. Convenience stores, being accessible and open around the clock, offer a convenient stop for busy people seeking a healthy snack option without compromising their schedule. It’s clear from the chart that the share of the market is increasing over time.

Share of Snack Bar Spend

Convenient Lunch

The most popular time of day for sales of Protein Bars was between midday and 1pm – which confirms they are eaten as part of, or in place of, lunch. The chart shows the percentage of protein bars as part of the snack bars category. Other snack bars in this sub-category include: Cereal Bars eg Tracker, Fruit & Nut Bars eg Nakd, Fruit Bars eg Kellogg’s Winders and Granola or Muesli Bars eg Nature Valley. It does not include: Bars made from Breakfast Cereal eg Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Squares or Breakfast Biscuits eg Belvita. The most frequently occurring products in the same basket as the top 5 selling Grenade barcodes were Energy Drinks, other Grenade bars and bottled still water. Make sure your bars are positioned in the correct places to take advantage of lunch time sales.

It is clear that over Christmas – when people may not be on the move – or when they’re prepared to accept a less healthy alternative, sales dip quite dramatically.

The Success of Protein Bars in Convenience Sector

The remarkable success of protein bars in convenience stores can be attributed to a combination of factors:

  • increasing health consciousness
  • the need for convenient on-the-go options
  • a wider range of flavours
  • effective marketing
  • rising fitness and sports trends
  • As more individuals prioritise their well-being and seek out convenient nutrition options, protein bars are likely to become even more popular, making them a staple item within convenience stores for the foreseeable future.

    Average Monthly Store Unit Sales
    Protein Bar Best Sellers
    Top 5 Brands Share of Snack Bar Spend
    Euro Shopper9.2

    The table shows the most popular brands over a three-month period (Feb-April 23) Ensure your store has a good supply, especially if you serve customers on the go – commuters; whether on the train or driving and customers who grab a quick lunch or mid-afternoon snack.

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