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Versatile Vodka

Are you seeing the switch from Gin to Vodka in your store?

Are you seeing the switch from Gin to Vodka in your store?

Manufacturers have been creating wonderful gin flavours for the UK market since the gin craze took off some years ago. There are signs however that suggest the gin craze is finally declining and that drinkers are looking towards other tipples to mix their cocktails. The share of spend for flavoured gin has been slowly falling since the peak during lockdown in 2020.

Share of Total Spirit Spend

Keen to ensure they have a new and fresh substitute, manufacturers have provided us with a wealth of flavoured rum and vodkas. Flavoured vodka sales are increasing and since May 2021, had a larger share of total spirit spend than flavoured gin.

This Christmas, party goers are no longer getting sloshed on mother’s ruin – instead it’s vodka luges all round! Vodka makes an easy cocktail ingredient – without the added complications of botanicals that give gin its subtle twist. It’s likely that most people will mix flavoured vodkas with lemonade – so the savvy sales assistant will suggest shoppers buy two litre bottles of lemonade per 70cl bottle of vodka. Other add on sales opportunities include ginger ale or soda water and fresh fruit garnishes.

Versatile Vodka - Best Selling Brands
Barcode Description
5410316965408Smirnoff Raspberry Crush pm1599 70cl
5051175738194Au Vodka Blue Raspberry Flavoured Vodka Spirit Drink Nrb 35.2% 700ml
5410316966153Smirnoff Mango & Passion Fruit 70cl Pm1599
5011166066248JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Vodka 70cl
5010103999991Ciroc Red Berry Flavoured Vodka Nrb 37.5% 70cl Pmp £34.49
Versatile Vodka - Best Selling Flavour
Au Bubblebum Vodka

Raspberry is the most popular flavour with 33.2% of sales and 19 barcodes available – we recommend trying it in a simple Raspberry Vodka Daquiri – which requires cranberry syrup or juice and fresh limes.

Stores should also look out for a hot new release, just in time for Christmas - the most recent new barcode is for Au Bubblegum Vodka which changes colour. It starts off blue and changes to purple when you add a mixer like lemonade.

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