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Congratulations to Mo Razzaq!

2018 Scottish Grocer Awards

Congratulations to Mo Razzaq!

It’s no surprise, as an EPoS supplier that we believe technology is an integral part of any retailer business but it seems that we’re not alone. This month, Mo Razzaq, one of Scotland’s leading independent retailers took home the Technology and Digital Engagement award at the 2018 Scottish Grocer Awards, sponsored by The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) and Zapper. Mo Razzaq

Getting the most out of EPoS data

In our time working with Mo, his approach has always been to use the tools at his disposal to drive success. First, he is a passionate advocate for the reports in his EPoS system, Shopmate. Mo regularly uses his reports to refine his range and understand what other retailers in the area are doing to keep Family Shopper Blantyre competitive.

Driving customer loyalty

Mo has always been known as a customer focused retailer who is looking for new ways to delight his shoppers. He has offered loyalty schemes for some years, offering TRDP’s Local Loyalty scheme and Zapper. He is now working with Velocity to deliver his own loyalty scheme, named Privilege. Combining the data he gets on his till with the shopper data available from his loyalty schemes gives Mo a deeper understanding of his customers’ behaviour which he then turns into greater success.

Responsible use of technology

It’s no surprise that more technology means more use of resources such as electricity. As a responsible retailer, Mo understands that his environmental footprint is incredibly important. That’s why his Blantyre store features LED lighting to dramatically increase his efficiency. What’s more, he’s invested in Solar Panels and these have been so successful that he’s actually generating £1000 of profit.
In fact, after covering the £11,800 investment cost for our 10Kw power plant over the next 4 years it will then generate an income of nearly £1000 each year on top of the £1400 savings to our current power costs. – Mo Razzaq speaking to Better Retailing
Once again we’d like to say congratulations to Mo Razzaq and a huge well done to runners’ up, Eros Retail in Fife and Best-One at Brownlie’s, Biggar!
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