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Creative Idea for Halloween Confectionery

Halloween is different in 2020. Parents are uncertain whether to dress the house up for Halloween and welcome the Trick or Treaters or whether they should keep their little critters home, afraid they’d be unwittingly carrying a nasty trick from door to door in the form of the coronavirus.

For the confectionery sales point of view perhaps we need a little creativity – some families, in order to keep up the fun are making Boo Bags – the idea being that you drop a bag of individually-wrapped sweets on the doorstep of a neighbour, usually with a poem that helpfully explains the purpose of the game, the recipient is supposed to drop a bag on a different doorstep. Once you have your Boo Bag you pop a small poster in your window saying that you’ve been “booed” and the game goes on until every window bears a poster.

Zombies, witches, werewolves and ghouls
Are bored this year with trick or treat rules
So to have some fun they’ve gathered some treats
And delivered in secret so no-ghoul meets:

For big and small critters who live within
Be it bogeys, or witches or brains in a tin,
This bag on your doorstep was dropped by a neighbour
So just for this year, please do us a favour:

It’s our Halloween secret you can’t tell a soul

Get everyone smiling, and don’t be a troll
Drop a treat-bag on a doorstep or two, or more
And so they know you’re done, pop the sign on the door!

We’ve written this little poem for you – and made a handy, colourful download that you can print.
Why not make up some bags with the poem for sale in your store – and start a new tradition in your area? You can bag up some wrapped sweets in a paper bag or simply put the poem on a pre-made bag to help boost sales.
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