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Enhancing Retail Efficiency

MediaMaster and Self Serve

Enhancing Retail Efficiency: MediaMaster and Self-Serve Tills in Convenience Stores

In the ever-evolving landscape of convenience stores, two innovative services, MediaMaster and Self-Serve Tills, have emerged as tools to enhance customer experience, improve sales and streamline operations. Developed especially for convenience stores, these services offer distinct advantages on their own, but when combined, create an added benefit for retailers in improved security.

Self-Serve Tills: Secure and Efficient Transactions

Our Self-Serve Tills provide customers with a convenient and quick way to check out their purchases using secure, card-only payments. This service not only caters to the modern shopper's preference for self-service but also offers benefits for retailers:

  • Reduced Queues: Self-serve tills ease congestion at traditional checkouts, reducing waiting times for customers during peak hours
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlining the checkout process, Self-serve tills contribute to overall operational efficiency for retailers
  • Secure Transactions: With card-only payments, retailers can be assured of the security of transactions, minimising the risk of fraudulent activities
  • Easy Install: For stores who already have compatible equipment, Self-serve can be added as a software update
  • User-Friendly Interface: The self-serve tills feature an intuitive interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and complete their purchases independently.
  • MediaMaster: Engaging Advertising at the Point of Sale

    MediaMaster, our cutting-edge advertising service, places screens strategically within convenience stores to deliver timely promotions and advertisements directly to customers at the point of sale. This service provides retailers with a platform to showcase their promotions effectively, capturing the attention of shoppers during their in-store experience. The benefits of MediaMaster include:

  • Increased Sales: By presenting promotions in real-time, retailers can boost sales of promotional items or encourage impulse purchases. Sales of advertised products increase by 9% on average during a campaign.
  • Brand Visibility: Advertisements displayed on the MediaMaster screens increase brand visibility and awareness among customers
  • Flexibility: Retailers have the flexibility to request their own advertisements – perhaps for another local business or to promote items instore
  • Automated: With MediaMaster, you don’t have to create all your own ads – we provide ads based on your wholesaler’s promotions – and you can veto any ads that aren’t suitable for your store
  • MediaMaster and Self-Serve Combined:

    When combining MediaMaster and Self-Serve on a pole mounted system, retailers unlock a comprehensive solution that optimises transaction security. The integration of these services allows for a seamless shopping experience:

  • Visual Confirmation: Retailers can observe the till roll on the MediaMaster screen when the self-serve till is in use, providing visual confirmation of secure transactions and minimising the chances of fraudulent activity.
  • Retailers with two tills can operate the first, while supervising the transactions made by customers at the second and be on hand to assist with age verification.
  • In conclusion, MediaMaster and Self-Serve Tills, individually designed with practicality in mind, offer tangible benefits to convenience store retailers.

    Both these services create a harmonious retail environment that caters to the evolving needs of both customers and businesses, ensuring a balanced and efficient shopping experience.
    Contact us today to enquire about deploying these solutions to your store.
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