ShopMate EPoS

Adding a product

Step: 1
If a product does not scan, a message will display on screen, giving you the option to add the product immediately, or ignore it. If you want to add it immediately, press Add Product. If you want to add it later use an appropriate hotkey such as ‘Misc VAT’ or ‘Misc non-VAT’ to complete the transaction. When you are ready to add the product, press Manage Products
Step: 2
A Product Management screen will display in the main till interface area prompting you to add a barcode by scanning or pressing the barcode box and typing in a barcode, then press Submit. If the product is not recognised by ShopMate, you will be asked if you would like to add the product. If you press Yes you can add a description, VAT information and selling price.
Step: 3
Touch the boxes, to input information, either by number pad, a keyboard or a drop-down box will allow you to do this. The compulsory fields are: • Barcode • Barcode Type – Inner/Outer • Description • Categorisation – Top/Sub Category • Vat • Selling Price Without these items, you will not be able to complete the entry
Step: 4
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