ShopMate EPoS

Check session takings

Step: 1
To end a session, press Session and then Close Session button on the screen. You will be prompted by a message that asks whether you really want to end the session. Press Yes.
Step: 2
Enter the amount counted in the cash drawer into the relevant payment type. A number pad will appear when you select an input box, press Submit and the values will be added, the amount entered will appear on the right next to the value you‘ve entered.
Step: 3
Expanded Dominations will do a breakdown of the cash types, this setting will also let you cash up by only counting how many of the specific cash type you have. For example, you have 20 lots of 10p, select the input box for 10p, input 20 using the number pad and press Submit. You will see the total for 10p will add up to £2.00. To make the process simpler you can start from 1p and make your way £50.
Step: 4
When you have entered the contents of the drawer into each payment type, press the Submit Takings button. This will generate two separate reports from the receipt printer.
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