ShopMate EPoS

Making payments form the cash drawer

Step: 1
To enter the Payments function, press Alter then press the Payout option.
Step: 2
To pay staff from the cash drawer, key in the amount you wish to take out of the cash drawer then press Staff Wages. The cash drawer will spring open to allow you to obtain the cash. This amount will be recorded as having been paid to staff, at a specific time on a specific date.
Step: 3
This is designed for payment of suppliers such as a local baker, or the window cleaner etc. Follow the same procedure as in section ‘Payouts Staff Wages’ but press ‘Supplier’ rather than ‘Staff wages’. You will then have the option to add specific suppliers e.g. Milkman or Bread man. These payout details will be recorded on your end of day figures.
Step: 4
The same principle applies to cashlifts. Enter the amount of cash being removed from the cash drawer and press Cashlift. You can then select a destination for the cash.
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