ShopMate EPoS


Step: 1
The message button on the main till interface shows blue or red numbers in the corners. This indicates the number of unread messages. A blue number denotes a service message and a red number denotes an ‘Added Value’ message.
Step: 2
When you open messages, you will see a window similar to the image on the right. In the header of messages, you have two hotkeys, ‘Show Inbox’ and ‘Show Sent’. Pressing either of these will change the messages in the left pane.
Step: 3
To read a message,on the left pane of messages you will see all the messages that have been sent to you. If you press one of these messages you can view a preview of the message on the right pane. To view the message in a full window, press the full preview hot key
Step: 4
To delete a message press the envelope at the bottom of the screen with a red cross on it
Step: 5
At the bottom under the left pane you have ‘New Message’. Select this and it will open a new message window. In the new window you will to add a small description in the subject of what the reason you are sending a message. Select input box beneath the subject, this is where you can write your message of the reason you are contacting customer support. To send the message press the envelope with the green arrow, the window will close and you will see the message window
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