ShopMate EPoS

Minimum Unit Price Compliance Checks

Step: 1
When you scan an Alcoholic product for the first time in a transaction, ShopMate will check that the price charged is compliant with Minimum Unit Pricing. If it is not, an Alcohol Price Warning will appear.
Step: 2
This menu will include the details of the product including its volume and ABV (used to calculate units). We endeavour to make this accurate but you may wish to change this. The minimum legal price at the top will be recalculated if you do this. If you wish to go ahead with the non-compliant press, you can press the Ignore button. Pressing Void will remove it from the transaction. If you wish to set a compliant price, press Set Price.
Step: 3
The product management window for the product will open on the Pricing tab. At the bottom of this menu, in the Selling Price section you'll see the current price you're charging as well as the Suggested Minimum Legal Price. Make the price change and press Ok. The product will now appear in the transaction at the updated price.
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