ShopMate EPoS

Pricing tab

Step: 1
To change a price, select the price you are selling at. A number pad will appear for you to type in the new selling price. Now press Submit then OK or Apply. (OK will Apply and exit the screen while Apply changes the price but keeps you in the screen.
Step: 2
In the pricing tab you can change the VAT rate of a product, the VAT is defaulted to 20% - Standard Rate GB. You can change the rate from the drop-drop, you can choose from: • 0.00% - Zero Rate GB • 0.00% - Tax Exempt • 5.00% - Fuel • 20.00% - Standard Rate GB To change the VAT rate, select a rate and then press Apply to confirm the changes.
Step: 3
You can also change the method of pricing that you use. Select the down arrow at the end of the ‘Calculated As’ section to see the ways in which you can manage your prices. The default method is described as ‘Set Amount’. In this mode, if you change a price, the system will not change the price again unless you have change it. This is true even if the RRP or the cost price is changed in the file sent to us by your wholesaler.
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