ShopMate EPoS

Product comparison

Step: 1
To display or hide the list press the Barcode icon in the top right of the screen. An input box will appear. Enter either a barcode, or a description. As you type, up to 10 products that match will be displayed. If you see the one you wish to add to the list, you can either click on it to add it to the list, or you can select it with the keyboard using the up and down arrow keys, and the enter key. The search is limited to items in stock on the till.
Step: 2
To add a product to the Product Comparison List, click the [+] symbol next to it, to add the product to the list
Step: 3
To search for a product click the bar above the list, searching for a product doesn’t have to be an exact match. For example, if you type in ‘tom’, you might match tomato ketchup, tomatoes, and Tom and Jerry Candy. You can widen the search to include anything with the word ‘tom’ in it at any point. To do this search for tom. This, for example, might match Baxters Cream of Tomato soup.
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