ShopMate EPoS

Sales tab

Step: 1
In ‘Sales Details’ section you can setup how you want to view reports, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. If your product is in a group you can choose between the product or the group. To do this select the drop-down next to ‘View sales for’ and you can select either the group or the product. Next you will need to determine how you want to view the report. Select one of the breakdowns, daily will show the days you had a transaction with that product, weekly will group the transactions by week and monthly will group the transactions by their month.
Step: 2
Next to the Sales details you have ‘Average Weekly Sales’. This shows you the average number that the product has been sold over a four-week period.
Step: 3
In the ‘Reports’ section you have the ability to create two reports to make comparisons. To create a report first you will need to set the dates. Press Set Dates and a calendar window will appear. To navigate between the months, you will need to press [<] or [>], pressing [<<] or [>>] will navigate between the years. Once you select your start date, the calendar will switch to the end date, once you select the end date the calendar will close. Press Load Transaction to load the report. Depending on what you select for the breakdown you will see something similar to the image below.
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