ShopMate EPoS

Scanning products at the point of sale

Step: 1
To scan a barcode at the point of sale, you need to pass the barcode in front of the scanning light-beam from the scanner on the counter. When the scanner has recorded the barcode that has been presented to it, it will ‘beep’, and in some cases an indicator light on the scanner will show green or blue. The product will be added to the transaction, if you only wish to scan one unit of the product, you can now scan the next product in the transaction.
Step: 2
If you want to record the sale of five units of a particular product, scan the barcode of one, then select the ‘5’ key on the keypad, followed by Qty/B’code. This will add 5 units of that product to the transaction. Alternatively, you can key the 5 first then just scan the barcode. This will have the same effect
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