ShopMate EPoS

Using shelf edge labels

Step: 1
Go to Other Functions, Products & prices and then Shelf Edge Labels. A new screen will be displayed. You can view the products that have been added via Manage Products. You have the ability to view individual products in their category. If you want to view specific category, press the drop-down next to ‘Category’ and you can choose what you want. (For example, press Drink and only the drinks from your list will be viewed). By using the categories, you are able to print out specific products instead of printing out the full list.
Step: 2
To add more products to the list whist you are in Shelf Edge Labels you are able to use the scanner to scan a product and this will add the product to the list. You are also able to use the ‘Add Barcode’, to add products to the list, press the text input box above the number pad and use the number pad to enter a barcode, press Submit Keyed Barcode the product will be added to the list in order of alphabetical.
Step: 3
To select or deselect your items, press Select ALL/Deselect All, this will update your check boxes. You can also select/deselect individual products by pressing on the individual check boxes.
Step: 4
Import Held Labels will let you import products from a Motorola CS3000 or a Jannen XP20. To add products to list, scan the products with your handheld device and place it in its’ docking station, the ‘Import Held Labels’ button will turn blue. Press the button and a new window will appear, press the drop-down list, you will see a date and in brackets the number of products on your hand-held device. Press the date and then press Import. This will now add the products to the list.
Step: 5
To print the labels, make sure that you have put your label sheet into the printer (face up in the paper tray). In ‘Label Template’ press from the drop-down list the layout that would need, (the template will need to match the layout of the label sheet), then press the Print Normal labels button. You will see a window pop up, press Confirm. The list will print. (You can also use the single-sheet feed for the label sheet)
Step: 6
If you have any zero priced products when you press the Print Normal Labels/Print Tobacco Labels, you will see in the pop-up window a red message indicating how many products that are zero priced. You can choose to cancel before printing and amend these products. You will find the zero priced products price marked as red, to change the product price, press on the barcode of the product and this will open product management where you can change the price in the pricing tab. Press OK and you will see that the price is updated with the new changes.
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