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Minimum Unit Pricing: Compliance support with ShopMate

On May 1st, Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland took effect after being agreed in 2012. The legislation requires any licensed alcohol retailer to charge a minimum of fifty pence per unit of alcohol and applies to both retail and on-trade sales.

As a result of this legislation, The Retail Data Partnership has made several changes to its flagship ShopMate EPoS System, which is now used by over 330 Scottish convenience stores.

Non-Compliant Price Reporting

ShopMate now features a dedicated report to highlight any alcoholic products sold in the last 28 days which fall below the minimum unit pricing. Retailers who use this report can amend their prices quickly to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

Price Change Intervention

Prices change, whether at the Wholesale level or within the store. ShopMate now checks any new alcohol price and warns the retailer of their potential non-compliance issues before allowing the price to be committed.

Pre-Sale Intervention

As well as confirming compliance before any price changes are committed, ShopMate also checks for the minimum unit pricing of any alcohol product when it is scanned. If it deems a price to be non-compliant, a warning is presented to the user allowing them to update the information held on ShopMate about the product, modify the price to ensure compliance, ignore the warning or void the product from the transaction.

How do I get protected?

If you’re using ShopMate EPoS then you’ll already be protected. If you’re interested in getting ShopMate EPoS, either directly from The Retail Data Partnership or from your Wholesaler, contact the team on 01780 480 562 or ShopMate website
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