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Mosterton's and Local Loyalty

In September 2015, Caroline Cunningham took ownership of Mosterton Village Shop which is situated in the quaint village of Mosterton, Devon. Caroline signed up to Local Loyalty in November 2016 and we decided to visit her to get an update on how her business is doing.

Mosterton’s cater to passing traffic as well as the local community. Since taking over the shop, Caroline and her team have been investing time in building trust to create a truly community-focused business.

"It has been an uphill struggle to rebuild the business from what it used to be. It is still a work in progress; however, we have always had a focus and have managed to regain the community’s trust.” – Caroline Cunningham

Fresh Produce

Mosterton’s have invested in their food-to-go range with a wide selection of locally sourced fresh produce. Customers can pop in for hot food and can often find excellent offers on all fresh items.

Over the past year, Caroline Cunnigham has seen the benefits of Local Loyalty. She likes the fact that she can give her customers loyalty cards to redeem points and prizes, and in turn gains an impressive amount of regular custom.

"The Local Loyalty Scheme has given us an opportunity to give something back to our customers. We enjoy surprising our customers with a bottle of wine or a money off of their shop once they reach a certain target.” – Caroline Cunningham

In Store Value

Since joining Local Loyalty, Mosterton’s have seen overall sales growth of 24% in the past year. Regular customers are spending more and Caroline feels this scheme has encouraged customers to find value in shopping with them.

Mosterton’s is an ongoing project for Caroline and her team but they continue to reap the rewards with substantially increased turnover and better relationships with their customers.

"People like to be rewarded for their custom and we like encouraging people to shop with us.” – Caroline Cunningham

What is Local Loyalty?

Local Loyalty is a card and website-based loyalty system that integrates with ShopMate EPoS, enabling you to reward your customers for their loyalty and connect with them, delivering timely and relevant offers via web-based messaging and text messages.

If you are interested Local Loyalty please click here.

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