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Zeenat Supermarket

We visited Zeenat Supermarket and spoke to manager Said Jamaludin about his business and the success of his Local Loyalty scheme, managed by The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP). Zeenat is a large Asian supermarket based in Central Birmingham which specialises in a large selection of fresh fruit and veg as well as products you would expect to find in any convenience store. With five years’ experience in the convenience sector and two years’ at Zeenats, Mr. Jamaludin has made his mark.

Mr. Jamaludin believes his success in this competitive market comes down to the fact that he offers deals to his customers more quickly than the other stores in his area. Zeenat also highlights their visual merchandising strategy. They make sure their displays are always full and clean. This encourages customers to spend more.

"As long as your displays are good, and you have lots of product in front of the customers, sales will go up, – Said Jamaludin
Local Loyalty is a significant element of Zeenat’s marketing strategy. Offering up to 20 Loyalty member-only promotions every weekend where prices are cut by up to 50%, encourages customers to join the scheme and visit the store regularly. The offers are only available to Zeenat Loyalty Card holders. Mr. Jamaludin doesn’t focus his loyalty promotions on any specific product category, constantly varying the areas of promotion, and analysing the result with the help of TRDP’s in-house Loyalty Team.

Their Loyalty Scheme gives Zeenat an edge, as their local competitors do not offer any form of loyalty.

"The surrounding supermarkets don’t have this facility at the moment… we don’t have any competition… – Said Jamaludin

How Zeenat Attract Loyalty Customers

Zeenat uses the text message facility that we provide, and in the last 11 months have sent over 16,000 text messages with loyalty deals and updates, which Mr. Jamaludin says increases the footfall of the stores on those days.

In August 2018, Zeenat rented 2 ShopMate Tills with the sole purpose of signing people up to their Loyalty Scheme. During the three day period for which they rented the tills, they signed up over 1,000 customers, with a queue outside the door and down the road to get into the store and buy the Loyalty-specific promotions – making significant savings. To draw attention to these offers, 2,000 leaflets were posted to residents within a 3-mile radius of the store featuring great deals exclusively for loyalty members.

"When the day started we had a queue going down the road to get people signed up for loyalty and go into the shop to get the promotions. – Said Jamaludin
Zeenat Supermarket uses gifts and prizes to boost and incentivise their members. When a members reaches £100 worth of Loyalty Points, they are offered £30-worth of clothing. Another brilliant prize is on offer to members who exceed a threshold of card-uses in the year. Members who use their card are automatically entered into a prize draw for one of THREE all-expenses-paid holidays to either Morocco or Umrah. All these benefits easily offset the 50p that Zeenat charges customers to join their loyalty scheme

Mr. Jamaludin recommends Local Loyalty to other retailers; he commends its ability as a marketing tool to increase the exposure of the promotions in the store and allows retailers to get people actively involved with the store developing the way that they communicate with customers.

"We are happy with The Retail Data Partnership, you are very supportive… quite good people, we are happy – Said Jamaludin
With the help of the TRDP Loyalty Team, the goal for Zeenat is to reach 15,000 Loyalty Members. They want to promote more big deals and offers to attract members. If you’re interested in starting your own Loyalty Scheme or want some help developing your current scheme, give us a call on 01780 480 562 or alternatively, email us at
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