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Rules in Advertising

What do you need to know before setting up your own advertisements?

You’re a retailer. You know your customers, your team, your stock and your local area. You know the law when it relates to the rights of customers. Until now you haven’t been required to know about advertising – but there’s a shiny new MediaMaster screen in front of your tills that shows promotions to your customers and you may want to upload an ad of your own. You can be assured that the automatic ads that are uploaded by ShopMate onto your MediaMaster Screens are carefully considered and modified for your region. If you want to add some advertising for a local promotion, sweepstake or raffle, it would help to know the rules before putting effort into the creative materials. We’ve done the research for you. The summary is below with useful links at the end for more information. Marketing communications:

• must be legal, decent, honest and truthful

• must be obviously identifiable as such

• must not contain misleading information

• must respect individuals’ privacy

• must not cause offense against generally accepted standards

• must not cause harm to children


If you follow these common-sense guidelines your in-store promotions will keep you the right side of the law. If in doubt always ask for advice and review the more in-depth guidelines on the link provided.

Read more about compliance with the Advertising Code from the ASA.

MediaMaster screens are set up to run automatic advertisements and promotions from wholesalers and from manufacturers. Stores have the option to opt out of any promotions they do not wish to run. Click here to find out more about MediaMaster.

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