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Staff Development

Bay's Top Tips

As staffing costs increase thanks to the living wage, retailers are starting to see the importance of cultivating their most valuable asset. For leading retailers, like Bay Bashir of Belle Vue in Middlesbrough and Sam Coldbeck of Wharfedales in Hull, this mentality is nothing new.

We caught up with Bay and Sam to get their thoughts and ideas about staff development and to share their success stories.

1. Support your staff

It’s essential to give your team the tools to succeed; whether this is with training, realistic objectives or support from other members of staff.

2. Find the right people

A good team needs a strong foundation. When hiring, make sure you select individuals with skills or attitudes which compliment your team and business goals.

3. Don’t be afraid to make changes

Just because you’ve put in lots of hard work and your team are set in their ways doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes. Constantly evaluate your team and look for ways to make improvements.
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