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GDPR compliance

Support your GDPR compliance with ShopMate EPoS

What is GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR, are a new set of EU-wide rules that govern the way in which businesses must protect consumer data. These new regulations, which came into force on May 26th, 2018, also give consumers greater access to their data and even the right to request deletion. We’ve covered the specifics of GDPR and what it means for retailers in our infographic, but we’ve also been working hard to secure ShopMate EPoS and limit the risk to our customers.

What are we doing to make ShopMate safe?

Most EPoS systems are likely to carry some customer data, and ShopMate EPoS is no different. If you use the accounts feature or our Local Loyalty service then your ShopMate till will contain some customer data, which we have ensured is secure. As well as increasing the levels of encryption on ShopMate, we’ve also added new internal procedures to secure the data of our customers.

Retailer Responsibility

Even with more significant levels of security on ShopMate, retailers are still ultimately responsible for the data that they hold. In our GDPR infographic, we outlined four easy steps to ensuring GDPR compliance.
  1. Understand your data – If you use the accounts function or Local Loyalty, then you are holding customer data. Feel free to contact our technical support team on 01780 480 562 (option 1) if you’re unsure what customer data your ShopMate EPoS system contains.

  2. Secure your data – ShopMate’s security is enhanced, but it is essential that you secure any other data that you may hold, especially anything down on paper which poses the highest risk. One solution would be to store your documents on a password-protected computer.

  3. Control your data – Once your information is secured, it’s vital that you control access to prevent leaks. In a retail setting, this could mean double-checking the identity of anyone that requests their data before providing it, even if it is a GDPR related request.

  4. Document your actions – If you ever need to demonstrate your compliance with GDPR, it is essential that you document your activities which can be in the form of procedures or as regular, documented audits.

How do I secure my EPoS system?

If you’re already a ShopMate EPoS user then your till will have already received the latest security updates. If you do not currently have ShopMate, double check with your EPoS provider of their GDPR compliance and if you’re unsure, speak with us about our secure EPoS solution on 01780 480 562. More information about your GDPR obligations can be found on the Information Commissioners Office website.
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