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The benefits of MediaMaster
Brand Advertisements

MediaMaster Branded Ads

Our ShopMate MediaMaster service helps stores make the most of wholesaler promotions by providing automated wholesaler ads from a range of wholesaler products - but there are other benefits. We also run branded ads from time to time.

Branded ads are run on the behalf of the brand supplier and are occasionally linked with incentives for the retailer like some free stock or a payment when a set number of items have been sold. This often means that retailers can try out new lines to see how well they perform without significant investment. Data on branded item sales across stores with MediaMaster screens and stores without MediaMaster Screens highlights a significant improvement in sales when ads are displayed to customers.

Performance monitored

We monitored sales of McVitie's Digestives White Chocolate 232g PMP199 in 513 stores WITH MediaMaster screens and 456 stores WITHOUT MediaMaster over a four-week period. The product was new to consumers between 21st February to 5th March 2024. The first two weeks show the sales BEFORE the promotion displayed on screens and the second two weeks show the sales AFTER the promotion. You can clearly see that MediaMaster ads have positively affected the number of packs of digestives sold. Total campaign store unit sales grew 28.7% vs. Non MediaMaster stores 7.5% MediaMaster stores continued to have higher sales of the white chocolate biscuits in the following weeks.

The campaign was run at a time when a range of other marketing activities to raise the profile of McVities White Chocolate Digestives were also in progress.

Sales of McVities White Digestive Packs

Brand ads are... Eyecatching

Brand ads are often designed by the brand marketing teams, to provide instant brand recognition that helps your customer identify products that they are interested in – they’re eye catching, especially since some utilise videos and moving images.

Brand ads are... Novel

Branded ads are frequently associated with new and novel products to pique consumers interest – so MediaMaster stores are sure to get early warning of new product development, and benefit from consumer awareness of the new item.

Brand ads are... Optional

Branded ads are optional on MediaMaster screens – so retailers retain full control of the branded (and wholesale) promotions they choose to run. However, it is recommended that stores run as many branded ads as they are able to, as it’s clear the sales are significantly improved by the ads. It’s important that stores continue to review emails from our MediaMaster service so they can benefit from improved sales and brand incentives.

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