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Growth at RDP

Celebrating over 2,500 customers

TRDP Celebrates 2,500 retailer milestone This month we crossed a significant milestone at The Retail Data Partnership. We currently service over 3,700 EPoS systems in 2,500 retail outlets, making us the largest provider or EPoS to convenience stores.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our retailers and partners for helping to make our business a success.

The Early days of RDP

The Early days of TRDP The Retail Data Partnership has always existed to serve convenience retailers by ‘taking the work out of EPoS’. In 1998, TRDP founder Stephen Burnett noticed that retailers’ time was often wasted by inefficiencies in the distribution chain and believed that EPoS could be the solution. During this period, the EPoS market was focused on technology and hardware and less on high levels of service.

To remedy this, he founded The Retail Data Partnership and developed the EPoS system ShopMate, which remains our core EPoS offering. Since then, Stephen has worked hard building relationships which have become a major part of our success story.

Working with Wholesalers

Wholesalers have always been an essential partner for retailers, ensuring that convenience stores have constant access to the same well-known brands as their supermarket rivals. One of ShopMate’s strongest features has been its wealth of wholesaler links. A retailer using ShopMate today can receive price files from every major wholesale supplier.

In recent years, we’ve worked more closely than ever with our wholesale partners to deliver affordable EPoS systems to those retailers who until now have never used it and experienced the benefits.

TRDP Today

Today the EPoS market, much like the wider retail market, is more competitive than ever. Retailers are spoilt for choice in their EPoS supplier. Features across systems, such as reports, and Back Office are often similar.

Stephen Burnett’s decision 17 years ago to focus on service instead of software/hardware is what continues to differentiate us now. This has allowed us to continue to grow and resulted in the delivery of our 3,740th ShopMate system to our 2,500th retailer.

The Future of ShopMate At TRDP we’re excited about the future. New technology and start-ups on the horizon provide interesting partnership opportunities, especially innovations in the payments sector. These opportunities will allow us to put new technology in the hands of retailers to make their businesses more productive and profitable.

Our focus has always been to build partnerships and relationships for the ultimate benefit of our retailers, and this will continue.

All of the work and success you’ve read about above would not have been possible without our partners and customers. We would like to thank our partners who have made ShopMate a more robust system and allowed us to give retailers the tools they need to succeed.

We would also like to thank the retailers who have always been resilient in the face of competition from the major supermarkets and now the discounters. Thank you for working with us to understand your market and to let us work with you to build bigger and better businesses.

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