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ShopMate Home Screen Update

ShopMate gets a new look

Home Screeen Update

Our teams have been working on a new update following customer feedback. This means there will be a much anticipated change to the ShopMate home screen which you’ll see when:

  • The till initially loads
  • You press ’Next Customer’ once a transaction has ended
  • You press the ‘Cancel’ button on the main page

The idea is to put the most some of the most commonly used hotkeys onto this ‘front’ page, but the page is broken up into 3 sections.

  • The top section displays the old information that used to be visible - the Shop ID, till number, date and time. Along with the support line telephone number.
  • Then there is a section with a number of ‘fixed’ hotkeys - these are hotkeys that are useful ‘quick access’ buttons that can take you directly to various parts of the system
  • Finally, a third section allows retailers to setup their own hotkeys for quick access. These will be able to extend into the white space.

Which version will stores need to update to?

  • It is currently scheduled for release in 10.3.0 - though this is subject to change – the update will be handled by our Technical Support team – you do not need to do anything.

Is it available on all hardware?

  • All hardware that is updateable to version 10. (If your till is a V10, you can speak to us about upgrades as this hardware is no longer able to be updated. We will already have notified you.)

When is it coming?

  • We think it’ll begin to be released to stores at the end of June. This is dependant on there being no unexpected updates in-between that might cause delays.
  • The update may arrive on different dates for different stores - read more about updates below.

Development of updates

ShopMate is developed right here in the UK. Our team of developers look after our software in all stages – keeping the software running for you on your various hardware configurations. Our developers handle new features and fixes and third party integrations like Electronic Shelf Edge Labels, Snappy Shopper, and Sage. The team is also responsible for products like Local Loyalty and Self-Serve and integrations with all the different payment options we offer as well as building the configuration with other hardware like the Memor Hand Held Terminal.

Once a feature or integration has been developed, it is extensively tested by our Testing Team – their job is to ensure there are no errors and that the new feature is robust. The two teams work closely together to ensure problems get ironed out before a new product or update is rolled out to our customers. The Testing Team also look at any customer-reported problems which helps identify areas for improvement.

How do updates work?

After internal testing, an update will go first to a small number of pilot sites who check the process is seamless. Then it is rolled out to a wider pilot group which helps us check that the new update is compatible with all our partner services. Then we roll out to larger numbers. Pilot phase included, it could take a month to get a new version out to the whole estate.

We take updates very seriously because of the potential to cause conflicts with different configurations - this staggered approach means you’re less likely to experience difficulties. It also means that you may not always be on the most recent version – but rest assured, we monitor carefully and our target is always to have as many stores as possible running on the most stable release.

Recent updates

You can read about the various updates to ShopMate on this page (login required). We're in the middle of rolling out some big changes. 9.54 has a new browser, and v10 is a whole operating system update. It takes time and we’re really proud of our excellent track record in keeping ShopMate stores both up to date and running reliably.

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